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As a Coach

As a certified coach trained in healing-centered coaching, my approach is rooted in fostering growth and liberation. I am committed to equity and collaboration, welcoming clients from all backgrounds. I specialize in supporting emerging BIPOC, queer, and women leaders, I support individuals to find their voice, recognize their foundation, and embrace boundless possibilities, empowering them to authentically take up space and flourish

Coaching Services

Leadership Coaching
  • Explores self-awareness, refines leadership skills, and encourages adaptive strategies for emerging leaders in the healthcare and public health sector
  • Aimed at achieving both personal and professional growth.
  • Sessions are typically biweekly and spanning 3 to 6 months
  • Includes access to intermittent email support between sessions and optional resources for self-growth
Healing Centered Coaching™
  • Coaching designed to “create a shift from an undesired state to a desired state, healing themself in the process.” 
  • Supports clients to pause, ground, align, and act while finding their authentic voice and liberation
  • Sessions are typically biweekly and spanning 3 to 6 months
  • Includes optional resources for self-growth, accountability follow-up, and bonus Getting to Know Me workbook
Goal Setting
  • Sessions aime to set and align individuals to establish and harmonize their ambitions. Formulating practical strategies to realize those aspirations.
  • Offered as individual sessions or customized series
  • Includes optional worksheets and bonus Getting to Know Me workbook

My Coaching Philosophy

My coaching philosophy is rooted in the strength of the oak tree. I assist clients in uncovering hidden roots and forging unique paths, navigating challenges with resilient branches, and bridging foundational strengths with future possibilities.